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10 Tips to for a more successful move!
  • Dispose of unwanted items before moving time.

  • Attend to necessary changes: mail, utilities, cable, cleaning, etc.

  • Be sure to make appropriate arrangements for pets during moving time - for their sake and possible risk factors.

  • When packing, be sure to label each box/bag with some of the contents inside.

  • When packing, try to place your boxes where you don’t have to handle them but once.

  • Assign a different color dot/label sticker for each room – this saves time for you and for the movers.

  • Put things that you don’t want packed or moved in a special location and clearly mark them with “do not move”.

  • Only select movers that are licensed and insured .

  • Make sure that the terms/arrangements are clear before the job begins.

  • Please remember that it takes a nice customer – as well as nice movers – to insure a successful move.

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