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Job time starts when we arrive at your home or office and ends when we finish work at your destination. Job hours are billed in 15 minute increments. The standard 1 hour travel time is added to all local moves. Please call for long distant quotes. Some pianos, safes, or exceptional items are subject to minimal charges. We do not have extra charges for stairs, long carries, disassembly and assembly of furniture and wrap service.

Monday through Saturday – Per hour *
  • 2 men and 26” truck 100.oo

  • 3 men and 26” truck 125.oo

  • 4 men and 26” truck 145.oo

  • 5 men and 26” truck 165.oo

  • 6 men and 26” truck 195.oo

Sunday / Holiday / Overtime *
  • 2 men and 26” truck 120.oo

  • 3 men and 26” truck 155.oo

  • 4 Men and 26” truck 185.oo

  • 5 men and 26” truck 220.oo

Overtime is incurred after 8 hours of labor.* Please note: Rates shown are our lowest filed rates. Rates vary by location and availability.

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